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Affordable Rear Wheel Change Systems for ALL

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L74 Track and Race are an up and coming brand who will be bringing you the very best in affordable motorcycle rear wheel quick change systems.


Primarily to be used on track but also for anyone who wants to bling up their pride and joy.


Originally designed for personal use to aid wheel changes to the ZX10R 2011-15 bike, due to the rear calliper being problematic.


This has quickly evolved to become a production item due to demand.


This demand has forced manufacturing growth to include a variety of different makes and models, this ongoing development will continue alongside  stock market bikes.


The L74 rear wheel kit (see videos) will easily reduce your stress, anxiety and potential to get into an argument with your nearest and dearest when changing wheels. As we all know a wheel change can be the easiest part of your race/ track day or the most stressful, most taking around 5 min although it only takes the calliper and brake pads falling out to increase this to 20 min and your blood pressure to over 160!!


Seriously save yourself the stress, watch the videos and if you have any questions feel free to email or message us on Facebook

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